Sharing the Secrets of Innovation and Success

Debra Kaye speaks at industry conferences, training sessions and corporate gatherings around the world on topics designed to help jumpstart innovative thinking and brand restructuring. With a style that leans toward serious, with a touch of quirky and creative thrown in, she inspires audiences to find the hidden solution to every problem. Weaving together hard-earned marketing insights with sound business acumen, she leads attendees on a step-by-step path to innovative enlightenment. Ask her a question, and she’ll take the time to answer in a thoughtful, considered way that helps you find the answer you didn’t even know you already knew!

Attendees often say that her input not only helped them solve business problems, it also provided insights into living more “innovatively,” helping everyone to bring that little extra special touch into their everyday lives.

Topics Debra Speaks About

  • Innovation
  • Popular culture
  • Branding 
  • Consumer behavior 
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Enterprise
  • Leadership   

Or innovate an idea of your own you’d like Debra to discuss! Through training sessions, keynotes, seminars or roundtable discussions, Debra  shares the secrets of innovation and success.

Debra Kaye – unlocking the innovator in us all.